Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Justice finally

Manu Sharma murders one, in a drunken state, after Jessica made fun of him in front of a hundred people - he gets a life imprisonment or hanging.

Sanjay Dutt involved in murder of hundreds, allowed his home as base for Islamic terrorists and RDX, keeps weapons illegally - he probably will be let off or gets do-chaar saal kee jail.

I havent even touched the subject of Afzal Guru yet.

Cheers India.

PS.. Note the scenario - Manu is drunk already. Manu asks for a drink, Jessica refuses. He feels insulted, the way he is refused. He whips out a gun. Someone comments - Its a fake. People laugh. He shoots.
My point is not to prove that Manu should be let off. My point is, why the unequal treatment in two different cases. If Manu had been a famous actor, would he have got a lighter sentence?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Size envy

Check out this comment thread going on here, starting with BarbarIndian's comment on this post on retributions.

Then visit here.

Draw your conclusions. Enjoy. Then wonder if government clinics make quacks out of doctors?

Can blogs replace news media

I was reading this post, and posted a reply. Its not a reply specific to that post. There are many others who believe blogging can replace the media, and much more strongly.

Blogging can never replace mainstream journalism and news establishments. It just cannot.

Blogging can supplement it, but it cannot replace. Especially when sites like Rediff themselves have blogs, where their own news people write in. Times and Express have their own sites. So even for news, I might visit them, rather than going around clicking multiple links across scores of blogs.

Blogging is just another medium, like television or newsprint. In fact, Internet is the medium, blogging is the web application. You can say its like the television channel, so to speak (not a good analogy at all, but you get the drift).

Consider the fact that different blogs might be in conflicting views and readers wont trust either for actual news that matters. See the desi blogosphere for example.

Also, how much can a single blog cover. Not much. Say, a bunch of people get together and contribute. Even then , the coverage is not good enough. So they hire people, to work on economy and stock markets section, the sports, the weather, the international news. They grow, hire more people, ask for collaborative effort. Many blogs cooperate, and share content. More growth again. Then they improve the look of the blog. Add more features. Get applications for better content management. End result - You have a plain old Portal !!!

Unless there is an idea, one idea that breaks the rules, say for example, some another method to gather news, blogs are going to remain just blogs.

Many desi bloggers are under the illusion that blogosphere can replace news establishments. As of now, the chances are very bleak. (In fact, if they can, the bloggers might want to open their own company or something. They might be successful there, given the ugly state of Indian news channels and papers at the moment)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Share it fair, dont take a slice of my pie

Please take a look at this -
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Most depressing is the part that all this is said so openly and bluntly, as normal.
Some nice points from the article, and my nicer replies :-)

>> He said Muslims need to find a mechanism to channelise the $50 billion contribution to Indian GDP by Muslims.

Is this a good idea? Whats the difference then, between so-called communals and you who wrongly portray yourselves as secular?To put in very crudely - Goddamn it, if you are going to segregate Muslim contributions to Indian GDP, then you have no right to lay any claim on our contribution, our tax money, most of which has been going down the drain trying to "uplift" you, leaving us deprived of roads, infrastructure, power, educational and health facilities. I am not even going to start about our lives lost due to Islamic terrorism, human rights excesses committed against us.

>> At the time of independence Brahmins made up four per cent in the top level of government service but it became 70 per cent.

Does this imply that in fact Brahmins were suppressed because 1. the Brits favoured Muslims over Hindus (regardless of caste) 2. in return, Muslims were not so active in freedom struggle. Both facts are true. Or you imply, that, the upper castes stopped others from getting jobs and cornered 70% of the government service, up from 4 percent.

>>He warned that Muslims should not demand reservations in such a manner that the ruling party which is in a position to give, gets embarrassed into not giving even what is legitimate.

Yeah yeah, cry in a way so as to not put off the listener. Legitimate? Reservations are totally wrong and immoral.
Also do you realize that you abuse Hindus for practicing inequality and portray "all Muslims are equal". But now you demand reservations on basis of inequality. Hypocrites! By the way, while we have changed a lot in the last 60 years regarding our views about our religion and the world, and discarded many inequalities that existed, you still live in 7th century Arabia. Dont you believe that you are superior to us filthy idolworshipping Hindus. Why do you need reservations then? Do you still think your demands are legitimate? Well, you would. Whatever benefits muslims, the nation may go to the pigs..(ooops..).

>>Article 341 says the President or State after consultation with the governor has the right to specify the castes, races or tribes under Scheduled Castes and Tribes but it also mentions that only Hindus are entitled under this provision. Most Muslims and Christians contend that this is a direct assault on religious freedom.

Arent you satisfied with the minority benefits that you have got. I dont see Sikhs, Jains, Christians going around killing people to extract more benefits. Kitna maang rahe ho, kha kha ke fat jayoge. For your information, why muslims are not included is that muslims dont have any concept of upper or lower castes. Here we are trying to dissolve such relics of the past amongst us, and you actually want them back to apply on yourselves ?? muslims believe in equality of all, dont they?

>>"The Constitution does not stop bifurcating the OBC reservation to help Muslims. It will test the honesty of the Congress-led government," said V P Singh.
Haan beta c***ia, aur tel daal ab aag mein.

>>15 per cent share for Muslims in all government and Public Sector Unit schemes, allocations, dealerships etc. Mandatory 15 per cent bank credit under Priority Lending.

Ok, banks allot credit on the basis of their investment planning and risks. They wont give me a car or home loan of a few lakhs of rupees if I cannot pay an EMI of 5000 per month. They wont give me a loan if I dont have a good business idea or plan. Jerks.. absolute jerks.... such mental masturbation.

>>15 per cent quota in all government-owned, aided, registered and recognised private educational institutions at all levels

Oh yeah, they already have "minority institutions" where over 50% seats are reserved for them, and even after that, rarely does anyone in their right mind likes to go there. Those who do so, do it out of compulsion, not choice. After all, nobody likes to be subjected to daily dose of jihad talk. Going by numerous cases of elopement, harassment and even assault, parents are afraid to send their daughters there. So effectively, its almost totally their "minority institution". Are they willing to reduce their quotas in their own institutions? Guess no. Who is the loser? The ones who have always been on the losing side. I know this is all wrong basically. But let us still consider this - will we be allowed to set up our own kind of "minority institutions" where our people get priority? Hell no, we are secular, arent we.

>>>V P Singh announced that if his newly-floated regional party the Jan Morcha came to power in Uttar Pradesh, "the first decision of the Cabinet within one hour of government formation will be to bifurcate the 27 per cent Other Backward Classes quota among advanced OBCs, the Hindu Most Backward Classes and Muslim backward classes in proportion to their population."

Slice of OBC quota?!! Forget it, OBCs will never agree to this, and as usual, vote bank politics will prevail. They will cut it out of the open category.

>>He also said "the Hindu reaction " can be expected if Muslims ask for their share so the issue of reservation should be raised tactfully.

Yeah, yeah, nice way of saying - Hindus are rioters and trouble makers. Be tactful, bargain carefully.Moreover, sounds like muslims are haggling for a slice of their pie, like they did during Partition.