Wednesday, October 11, 2006

fookat ka software

Visit for some cool free software. Its good, just browse around and you will find cool software development tools, utilities and goodies.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

exam tips for anyone who cares to know

Another observation, after reading this post.

My experience with the exam system tells me this -
Attempting the complete question paper (of course leaving out the choices) gives better results than attempting what you know and concentrating on writing complete precise answers to that.

For example, you have to attempt any 10 questions out of 15 in the whole paper, each carrying equal weightage. Out of which you know answers to 8 questions very well.
Now, your focus should be to complete the paper, attempt and answer all 10 questions. Even if you have to spend less time on the ones you know very well.

I am still way too busy to post more frequently, so more tips and reasons for above paragraphs later. But if you think about it, and have a fair idea about the basic probability, you will figure out why? (On second thoughts, you dont need any knowledge of probability, you just need basic math).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mercy for terrorists, No Mercy for law-abiding citizens

Logged in to make a quick post.

I wonder why none of the seculars are talking about mercy being granted to Afzal, a terrorist who attacked the parliament. Says a lot about the hypocrisy and true leanings of the so called secular progressives.

And typically like the leftist-seculars, Arundhati roy supports terrorism, if done by "seculars", that is.

From that link -
The sit-in was organised by the Society for the Protection of Detainees' and Prisoners' Rights headed by S A R Geelani, who was aquitted in the case earlier.
Need I say I am not surprised?

What do you make out of the number of protests by muslims in support of that terrorist? Will I be wrong if I say that muslims support terrorism. And so do the secular self proclaimed intellectuals?

And here, I have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to drive on our roads, or to get a piece of paper that basically says that I am a bonafide citizen of India (the passport).