Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dalit rights riots(or Dalit riots right)

We just got a mail in office, asking us to leave early, because some parts of the city are riot torn and curfew might be imposed.

Well, do these Dalits think that misgivings are going to go away by such acts.
Like pointed out, in the Khairlanji case, it was the OBCs, and not the so called upper castes who were the culprits. And the backlash was borne in Nagpur, where normal life was disrupted.
Similarly, a bunch of morons in Kanpur "spoil" (dont exactly care what) a statue of Ambedkar, and the rest of the people bear the brunt. Ok, I am a "so-called" upper caste person, but I am not going around oppressing Dalits (in fact, I oppose who do). The usual bunch of "social equality" people will attempt to justify the massacre, while weeping buckets regarding half baked facts, or go around with begging bowls to fill their NGO coffers. Does anyone think that I am going to think better of them?

Sounds pretty much like the Muslims, who have a tendency to go around killing Hindus for whatever happens against muslims outside India. Like they rioted when George Bush was visiting, they killed millions of us when turkey was defeated by Britain. Funnily enough, it was the British who were ruling India during that period, and it never occurred to them to go to sort it out with them. Funnier still, the muslims never protested as much for their own independence so much as they did for turkeys independence. Or recently still, scores of poor Hindu shopkeepers and streetside vendors were killed during the Danish cartoon controversy. Well, they did not even have the basic common sense to think that probably the people they killed never even heard about Denmark, or the cartoons.

Guess I am then all right
Do I sound like an elitist.. well yeah, I am, if that is what it means.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Experience.. sample this

No, I have no lyrics to paste this time. If there are bands who can build pictures in your mind with just their music, one of them have to be Pink Floyd.

Try Echoes - 1 from the album Live in Pompeii. Ok, there are other versions of the same track, but this one stands apart. Experience the sounds.... Just simply amazing.

I was lucky enough to watch the whole Live in Pompeii show on MTV at my aunts home. The cable operator at my small home-town did not transmit MTV or V :(
Amazing video, I doubt if it is available anywhere in India these days, in music shops. (Naah,, i dont want to try online e bays). It has videos of Pompeii, with the volcanoes in the background, the band performing in an open ground alone amidst steam, the band performing in a hall...

Wonder if anyone else has watched that video?