Thursday, January 03, 2008


- It is not just Haj subsidies, crores of our money given as grants to some stupid minority commission, and umpteen minority development schemes which hand out money to jehadis baying for our blood, it also extends to banks.  Banks have to give some amount of loans to minorities as per laws, and most of them turn into bad debts.  Where do the banks then earn money from ? Yes, its us! Double whammy.. our tax money spent on "minorities" because they have the first right on the resources of the nation, plus some amount from our income after tax is also given away to them for nothing! I would infact be okay with this, provided it stops jehadi attacks against us !! But that is not happening either.
Remember that everytime your bank cheats on interest rates or sends goons after you, these dhimmis are responsible in an indirect manner.
- Needless to say, a good number of the bank recovery agents/goons that I have seen in my limited experience are muslims.  Ok, I am a communal bigot, Modi supporter etc (Modi appears courtesy Desi Godwin's laws)
- Dumb media walo, ab to chhod do yaar Modi ko... bore ho gaya hoon ek hee analysis baar baar dekhkar.  Haan bhai, Gujaratis are a violent people, Modi had some serious issues during childhood, his psychoanalysis reveals him as a monster, he has equated Gujarat with Modi etc (It doesnt matter that it actually is the media who demonized Gujaratis and Modi together and hence clubbed them together. Modi did not really have to do much, lucky guy)
Disclaimer - I am not Gujarati.