Thursday, April 03, 2008

Community bashing again

Some lady in Pune owns a flat. She wants to sell it to a muslim family.  Society objects.  Newspaper and lady bash Sindhis (directly or indirectly).

Read the whole story here -

>> Till date, the building society — Cozy Corner has 16 apartments, 14 occupied by Sindhis — hasn't handed her a No Objection Certificate.

What has Sindhi or the community of the people living in the apartment got to do with it? Really? Does not any other community do this?
Would it have been the same if the majority of the residents were Maharashtrian or Tamils or Bengalis ?  (Except for Gujaratis, of course, who are clearly one of the media's targets)

>> Because the buyers' surname was Hirani, members assumed they were Sindhis, like 80 per cent of others in the society building. But when the buyers introduced themselves and residents realised that they were Bohra Muslims, their faces fell. They openly said they had agreed to the sale because they thought they were Sindhis, that had they known they were Muslims, they would have never agreed," said Kapoor ,

Again the Sindhi-bashing.  I dont think that the word "Brahmin" or "xyz" occur as frequently in Brahmin or "xyz"-bashing news articles, as in this short news article.

>> When contacted, Sanjay Ajwani, chairman of the society, admitted that members were opposing the sale to the buyers. But he gave a different reason, alleging that the prospective buyers had "behaved badly" at the introductory meeting which raised doubts about their "ability to fit in".

Buyers behaving badly - I am not really surprised, call me racist or communal, etc.
Well, the woman wants to sell the flat and needs money, come what may.  Doesnt matter if it is causing inconveniences to fellow residents.  The background of the buyers, how they behave, etc be damned. 
As for me, I have shifted quite a few flats in Pune city. I have been refused accomodation sometimes.  Many societies does not prefer students and bachelors living there. And yes, people with bad behaviour too.  It was not because of my community that I was not allowed to stay.  Definitely, before moving in, if I behave badly, I will be denied accomodation. 
Until recently, I lived in a society with two of us guys being the only non-Maharashtrian residents.  The new society that I shifted to recently kicked out some BPO employees staying on rent because of their rude and bad behavior (they also once puked in the lawns).  Its because of their bad behaviour, not because of the community.  Definitely, the background and behaviour of the prospective residents does matter.

>> As for Kapoor, she is planning to take up the issue with the Human Rights Commission.

Human rights ?? Ho gaya kaam khatam.  As in India we know that its only the muslims who have human rights.  Why, even our moronic PM says so, that they have the first claim on the nation's resources.  All other residents should be thrown out and the society should be given to muslims. 

>> She said she would move court if the new owners of the apartment were harassed because of their religion.

Harass them? Arre bhai, who will harass them? Zinda rehna hai ke nahi kisiko...
Now seriously, how many muslim builders or property sellers sell to non-muslims. 

The above stupid news story apart, its a truth that many societies do not prefer muslims in their neighbourhood. The reasons are manifold, few of them are below -

 - They generally exhibit bad behaviour, and cause inconvenience to other residents.  Residents do not generally complain due to fear of violence.  If they approach the law, the muslim just has to mention "I am muslim, thats why I am being harassed".  The other resident can give up any hope of justice forever, in turn he/she will be harassed by the law machinery and "human rights walas" of the country.
 - They generally do not cooperate with other residents. 
 - This is the worst.  Once they enter a society or locality, they try to get more muslims into that place.  Once their numbers reach a critical mass, they force other residents to flee or sell their property (cheaply) by use of threats and violence.  An aunt of mine actually had to leave their locality in Amdavad in such a scenario.  I have seen so many muslim-only ghettos and localities in Amdavad, Mumbai and Vadodara.  Some even in Pune.
 - Land grab is achieved by building illegal mosques.  A friend of mine living in Amdavad owned land in Vadnagar, his home town.  Muslims illegally built a mosque there and there is no hope of getting the land back though the court case is still going on.  Plus they are even afraid to go back to their home town.