Friday, April 13, 2007

Regarding the Bhopal elopement case

Ok, so another incident, and a controversy. A Hindu girl is enticed to marry by a Muslim and they elope.

"We are relieved," said Priyanka, emerging out of the court. "I left of my own free will and was not kidnapped. My husband's family is being harassed by the police in MP and we hope the court's order will put a stop to it."


What ?? How naive. The mullah's father is not willing to accept her and his own son (even though he is willing to accept converts to Islam), she says that - they are being harassed. The biggest harassment has been faced by the girls parents, not by the guys parents.

Talking about elopement, I have personally seen the family of a girl who eloped being broken apart. The tensions, the anger, the feeling of betrayal all taking their toll.

[Quote]His first son, Akeel, had eloped with the daughter of an ex-Dgp. The officer left town and didn't return. His second son Shakeel eloped with a judge's daughter[/Quote]

Both of them Hindus. Is it some kind of custom or tradition amongst Muslims ? To elope with someone from another religion, and convert them forcibly. Like we hear about that being a regular occurrance in Pakistan and Europe too, along with India. Or are they just following the orders of their mullahs, who exhort muslims to entice non-muslim women to marry them and convert them to islam. Or more, some even exhort muslims to rape non-muslim women. (The whole root of the problem ultimately is the belief in koran that non-muslims are worse than animals and should be treated as such. Of course, civilized humans do not treat even animals like that). Like for example, this -

or,,1688593,00.html ... want more ??

After all this, do you think any family would be happy to have their girl with a Muslim ?? All these seculo-liberal intellectuals should get their heads examined, get a crash course in human behaviour and psychology before mouthing crap.

Now, lets say, I keep aside these above considerations aside. Maybe both of them are true at heart and religion does not matter. Forget what I said above.

But now, consider the fate of our community.
Sindhi population in India, as per this link below, is just 2.8 million as of 1997

I also cite a second source, for those seculo-liberal-intells who like to say - "This data is bad/doctored/unreliable/fake". The official source itself. As per the census of India, as of 1991, only 0.25% of the population is Sindhi. (The 2001 census gave me page not found - Typically sarkari)

Now, no matter how hard we, the Sindhis, try to disbelieve, we are on the verge of extinction, much like the wonderful Parsi community. We have lost our lands, our culture, our language. Pretty much like the Parsis lost theirs.

We hardly have the numbers to matter in a democracy. (This is what is a minority, not Muslims, who get their way around by vote bank politics. Just the fact that they matter so much in elections is the biggest proof that they are not a minority, disadvantaged or not. )

And the news report from the first link states that - over a hundred Sindhi girls have been targeted by muslims for conversion in the last 3.5 years, out of 350 odd . Now, really, this is really odd considering the percentage of our population is just 0.25%! This is selective targeting! Anyone would be naive to blame it on chance or anything. Is it because we are easier targets !

Of course, I am not happy with our families curtailing freedom for young daughters. This is a knee jerk reaction and will be forgotten soon. But we still are face a big problem. Not just the Sindhi community, but Hindus on the whole. Not just the problem of girls being kidnapped/raped/converted or eloping, but a whole lot more incl terrorism.

Another anomaly - If the environment is just and equal, then we should see equal number of boys and girls from both religions marrying each other (statistically and probability wise). Anyone who follows the news and is generally aware will tell you that this is not true. I see a lot more Hindu girls marrying (with or without eloping) muslim boys, and not the other way round. Why ? Is it because muslims keep four wives, and hence prey on other communities to make up for the shortfall (and hence the rapes if they fail to entice).. Or just that they dont allow their own girls the freedom to marry someone else ? Now, isn't all this talk of liberal values, a load of crap ?

Although, its the past and we have to move on, it is not easy to forget this. During the partition, a million of that girl's fellow Sindhi community members were slaughtered like animals by the muslims, whom she now favours. A genocide (a true genocide, not like that hyped-up Gujarat riots) that forced us to migrate and in the process, losing our culture and the lands that nurtured us for centuries. The lands which were considered one of the richest of India. And end up being called "refugees" even today. I have heard this just so many times, that I feel foreign. Just so many stereotypes have been forced upon us, very few of which I find are true. And this ended up in many of us looking down upon our own culture and identity. Is this girl also a victim ?


I have just read this. And my first reaction.. What? Not again? Idiots, its fundamentalism, its not freedom of speech or dont-hurt-minority-sentiments thing.

[quote]And then the Muslims in Europe are surprised by the hostility they face there! If you are sooooo fu**king VOYEURISTICALLY intolerant that you ENJOY and rejoice someone's extermination and feel OFFENDED at its mention.... then... is it any surprise that people hate you??

And this is not an isolated incident.. in India, for example, it is almost blasphemous to talk about the unspeakable atrocities that were brought upon Hindus and Sikhs by the Mughals.. specifically Aurangzeb! So much so, that none of the history books talk about the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur.. although he was a contemporary of Aurangzeb!! [/quote]

BTW, is one of the better blogs in the desi blogosphere. Yeah, its not on my blogroll, I am too lazy.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Private variables in MDB

Is it a good idea to have private member variables in a Message Driven Bean. I just saw a sample that does exactly that !!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Human evolution

Hawks and Coch­ran said some of the most no­ta­ble phys­i­cal changes in hu­mans have been ones af­fect­ing the size of the brain case.
A "thing that should prob­a­bly wor­ry peo­ple is that brains have been get­ting smaller for 20,000 to 30,000 years," said Coch­ran.
Is this the reason for the general dumbing down ?