Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More on the bloggers blocked

Seems like it is an attempt to stifle the criticism of the government by the bloggers. It has got nothing to do with terrorism. Yes , I think the congress and leftists are terrorized.

Strange strange world.
Did anyone notice that Islamic terrorist sites have not been banned, even after the July 11 Mumbai blasts.Maoist/marxist sites have not been banned, even after the massacre of scores of tribals in Chhatisgarh.

And the media (Rajdeep Sardesai, Undie TV and likes) is blindly going on accusing Gujaratis for the blasts. It seems its ok to kill rich Gujarati businessmen. To quote a mail from a friend, Some Gujaratis killed some muslims. Therefore all Gujaratis deserve to be killed, and nobody should mourn their deaths.

Does anyone remember the sob stories, the human-rights wallahs breastbeating when the terrorist Ishrat Jahan was killed. Does anyone remember the suckulo-liberals crying murder and death of human rights. Do I hear the same for the people killed in Mumbai? No.

Double standards, anyone?

Update - The ban seems to have lifted. For now atleast, but I am not sure how long will it last. Now what I think is that the so-called secular Congressis and Leftists wanted a ban on some Hindu human rights sites. Well, I did visit one of the banned sites, easily bypassing the block. There is nothing anti-(liberal, islamic, progressive, secular, takeyourpickoraddmore). It is scathing in criticizing, yes. It just highlights atrocities on Hindus. Hell, now Hindus cannot even talk about Human rights, ohh of course, we are secular and so we must first ensure that the minorities have human rights, others will come later. And more importantly, we have terrorist sites (like Hezbollah) operating on VSNL !! And also, there are much more inflammatory Islamic sites freely accessible.

This sucks. The seculars think that such inflammatory material will incite the Hindus to riot and so ban the sites. I wonder if such behaviour is specific only to us. Heck, the rioters probably dont even know how to access the internet.

I say, now, minorities have greater freedom of speech (and that includes inflammatory material against us) too, apart from a lot more such things.

I could not visit any forums there, the links werent working. And I say, why is the site owner to blame for comments made by others in the forum.
The basic thing missed here is that comments are not the work of the admins/owners of the site. If I go and post inflammatory comments on someone elses blog, it does not call for a ban on that blog.

By the way, I am not so sure whether subdomains can be blocked or not. It might be possible, but cumbersome. And so the easy way out was taken - Block the IP address. When you ping any blogspot site, it will give the same IP address. So all blogspot sites were blocked it seems.


The scenario might have been this -

Sarkari Babu (probably related to Laloo, or hero-worships him) - Arre babua, ee site ka list hai, eeka block karo re. Hamra secular feelings bahute hurt hui gawa hai.
Guy at ISP - Ok, name the sites.
Sarkari Babu - payelee hai ee. Tanik likho, prinsasekeembarlee dot blogspot dot com
ISP guy - What.. could you please repeat clearly.
Sarkari Babu - Arre kaa bhar rakhe ho kaan mein. sunayee nahi deta kaa. prinsasekeembarlee dot blogspot dot com
ISP guy - (Still unclear) What,
Sarkari Babu - haan, ab samjhe tum. Bahute badiya. ee hay hai. Block kar do sasure kambakhat ko.
ISP guy - Ok.. (exasparated).

Update 2: - An amazing post by BarbarIndian. Slightly scathing. Very hilarious.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Headbutts and World cup

A headbutt by Zidane to a certain Italian called Materazzi has attained more prominence after the world cup, over Italy's win. For those who dont know, just search the net. There are way too many theories floating around, and too many links for me to post here, to give a neutral view. A starting point would be this but do search for more.

Definitely, as far as I watched the games, Italy were definitely a better team. If you ignore the diving and playacting for a while (Every team does it including France, Italy did carry it a little too far), Italy were a skillful team. Much was expected from Totti and he did deliver to some extent. The surprise package was Pirlo, the midfielder who was excellent in making precision passes and setting up the attacks. He was quite good at carrying the ball to the front, and striking or passing to the striker. Maybe he wasnt a surprise package, it was expected of him. I say that because I havent noticed him playing earlier in any league.(Damned sports channels, not much spanish or italian league on TV).

For all that jibes being made at the Italian team, I say they were pretty good. Cameronesi and Pirlo were great. And while people are not supporting Italy much, thanks to the Materazzi Zidane incident, watch Cannavaro and Buffon in action in the Italian defense. Amazing work from Cannavaro, the captain. I had never seen him play, but now I realize why he is the best defender in the world.

The sequence (as far as I remember it, please correct me if I am wrong). Sagnol pass. Zidane sends a header towards a goal. This was great work. Definitely should have been a goal. A villain by the name of Buffon sends it over the net. Zidane looks pissed off. A corner kick. Materazzi puts his arm around Zidane's chest to stop him. Zidane should have appealed to the referee or moved away from his current position. After the corner kick, Zidane says - "If you want my Tshirt you can have it after the match" (or something to this effect. Swear words deleted). Materazzi responds with a comment - "I would rather have the Tshirt off your wife". And continues with the game. Note that Zidane started the war of words. Why did he have to say something derogatory to the opposing player, when he could not handle the response. Zidane turns back and headbutts him. Buffon appeals. And the red card.

This is not the first time Zidane has lost his cool. Says a lot about his temperament. But that does not deny his genius. When I thought Zidane is over, and Brazil are going to run roughshod over them, given the way both teams were playing, Zidane surprised everyone with amazing work in the midfield. That amazing pass to Henry which scored the only and winning goal. And much sloppy work by Brazil. Brazil seemed to be playing in a unidimensional manner, which did not help, and the coach did not seem to have much ideas tactically.

Now, sledging is a very common part of the game, if you follow games closely. Its much more common than in cricket. Whether racist or not, they are meant to be ignored, and the heat of the moment, the passion in the game makes one do that. This is not the first time, nor this will be the last time that not-so-nice words have been exchanged between players on the field. If Zidane had not reacted, there was a very slight chance that the game might have turned. I say "very slight chance" because Cannavaro and Buffon are not the kind of guys whom you can merrily roll the ball past. Neither do I think penalties would have changed anything.

Another grouse against the France team. They are very dull and boring on the field. Yes, they dont seem to have any imagination or creativity (except the Great Zidane, of course). Henry, the striker was usual. Surprisingly he plays quite well for Arsenal in the EPL. They have limited number of moves, it seems. Playing with them is like playing against a computer game, they seem so predictable. But then , you can still lose to a computer game, because it is so perfect at whatever limited it does. Same with France. That took them to the finals.

As far as I saw, France too were pretty much into playacting and diving, which hardly other bloggers in the desi blogosphere noted. Henry dived after stepping on Carvalho's foot in the game against the dark horse Portugal. And got the deciding free kick. Malouda dived in the final, against Italy, when he wasnt even touched by the Italian defender (guess it was Materazzi again). And got a free kick, which was duly put in by Zidane. Undeserved goals, both of them. Portugal was defeated, Italy was not. You cannot pressure the Italians with such things, they are very cool players. Pressure tactics dont easily work on them.

This post is not for taking credit away from the France team, but just to set things straight, since France is being considered an angel in World cup 2006.

Also, there were umpteen cases where French defenders were involved in fouls, but escaped. Sagnol and Malouda were particularly guilty. The only French defender who seemed to be an angel was Thuram. Great work, Thuram. And of course, the midfielder whom you would hardly notice, Makelele.

Ohh, by the way, Schweinsteiger was great in the game for third place against Portugal. Germany has two new wonderkids, him and Podolski. Hope they carry on their good game.

Recovered from a block, but blocked again

Well, I did not feel like posting for a last few days, and now that I do feel like it, our suckular-liberal government does not want me to. So they block blogspot.

This is where the issue is being tracked. More details here.

Does anyone realize that the very same leftists and congressis who talk about equality, human rights, liberty, freedom etc are the ones who are behind such cheap underhand tactics. Aaah. .. the irony of it all.

Lost Control

Ever heard of a band called Anathema. Yep, its that depressing heavy metal again. I have not heard much of their stuff, but one album of theirs that stands out is Alternative 4. Sample this from one of the tracks.. Fragile Dreams.

Countless times I trusted you,
I let you back in,
Knowing... Yearning... you know
I should have run... but I stayed
Maybe I always knew
My fragile dreams would be broken... for you

Another sample from a track called Lost control

Life.. has betrayed me once again
I accept that some things will never change.
I've let your tiny minds magnify my agony
and it's left me with a chemical dependency for sanity.

Yes, I am falling... how much longer 'till I hit the ground?
I can't tell you why I'm breaking down.
Do you wonder why I prefer to be alone?
Have I really lost control?