Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mercy for terrorists, No Mercy for law-abiding citizens

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I wonder why none of the seculars are talking about mercy being granted to Afzal, a terrorist who attacked the parliament. Says a lot about the hypocrisy and true leanings of the so called secular progressives.

And typically like the leftist-seculars, Arundhati roy supports terrorism, if done by "seculars", that is.

From that link -
The sit-in was organised by the Society for the Protection of Detainees' and Prisoners' Rights headed by S A R Geelani, who was aquitted in the case earlier.
Need I say I am not surprised?

What do you make out of the number of protests by muslims in support of that terrorist? Will I be wrong if I say that muslims support terrorism. And so do the secular self proclaimed intellectuals?

And here, I have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to drive on our roads, or to get a piece of paper that basically says that I am a bonafide citizen of India (the passport).


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