Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Justice finally

Manu Sharma murders one, in a drunken state, after Jessica made fun of him in front of a hundred people - he gets a life imprisonment or hanging.

Sanjay Dutt involved in murder of hundreds, allowed his home as base for Islamic terrorists and RDX, keeps weapons illegally - he probably will be let off or gets do-chaar saal kee jail.

I havent even touched the subject of Afzal Guru yet.

Cheers India.

PS.. Note the scenario - Manu is drunk already. Manu asks for a drink, Jessica refuses. He feels insulted, the way he is refused. He whips out a gun. Someone comments - Its a fake. People laugh. He shoots.
My point is not to prove that Manu should be let off. My point is, why the unequal treatment in two different cases. If Manu had been a famous actor, would he have got a lighter sentence?


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