Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reservation arguments - 6

Ok, one more post on reservations. I am not posting anything offensive; I am just trying to be as clear and factual as possible.

I dont even know how to recognize castes. I am not against any caste. I dont know which surnames indicate which caste, unless somebody says that. I must add that I dont even know about much about caste, forget about discriminating against them. Like I did not know what caste my colleague is. The one I mentioned in a previous post, the one who says reservations should exist because forwards oppressed backwards a thousand years ago, so we should get a chance to do the same (Doesnt matter whether my ancestors did anything to any backward caste).

It was only after he told me that he is from the backwards that I came to know that he is. Does not change my opinion or relation with him anyway? He is still the same as earlier. Just another colleague. The only thing that has changed is that I am kind of afraid of him now. If I ever dont agree with him, or I am unable to resolve his problem, or I joke on him as just another colleague, he would accuse me of being casteist (Sighhsss.. Desi Godwins Laws).

So I have reduced talking with him now (I do talk with him, but just cut 2 cut), never know that a slightest joke can make him accuse me of a whole bunch of things. Good that he hasnt accused me of non-communication because I am a casteist. LOLzzz....

One common argument put forth is that forwards oppressed backwards for a long period of time. And much previously than the British, who oppressed and enslaved the whole of India, regardless of caste/religion/anyOtherBarrier. I suppose the backwards should now stop working for MNCs then, because they oppressed them just 50 years ago. Or before them, the Muslims oppressed non-Muslims regardless of their caste. Should then, backwards stop working with Muslims. And the difference here is - just *some* of the forwards oppressed backwards, not all, but *most* British and Muslims oppressed India.

Now, dont take it in a wrong way, it is just an example. If you give a beggar 50 paise, he will ask for a rupee. If you give him Rs 5, he will ask for Rs 10 and if you tell him to get lost, he will try to earn money himself.

So , if you grant ridiculous amounts of reservations to the backwards, they lose the incentive to perform, to work hard, to think. If that is lost, they are just as good as another brick in the wall. A wall that can crumble anytime. I think this is going to harm the good guys amongst the backward castes, instead of helping them.


Blogger DarkStorm said...

Hey great going yaar. Great post. Keep them coming.

And your point is true. What about people who did not oppress the backwards. Why are they being made to pay for it.

June 13, 2006 7:24 AM  

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