Thursday, May 25, 2006

More splitting arguments coming your way.. (Stupid arguments for reservations - 3)

More splitting arguments coming your way.. These come like those PJ mails where you are asked to scroll to the end of the page to find a "Hathoda".

See this, the author beating round the bush -

"After all, for the crores of rupees spent on educating these bright men and women, the tax-payer can reasonably expect to ask what the nation receives in return"

Yeah, you get doctors who treat you, and perform bypass surgeries. You get engineers who build bridges and roads (ok, bad roads.. yeah the reasons are altogether different, and not their caste, if you think about it). You get engineers who make the bikes and cars you drive. You get engineers who deliver software and promote industrial growth, and of course, pay taxes (does this ring a bell).

Which taxpayers are you talking about, dear columnist. Dont the same doctors and engineers pay taxes (in fact, they are generally middle class and bear the most of the brunt of our taxes).

"In my civil engineering classes at Kanpur, we never discussed issues of displacement that accompanies big dams", says xyzxyzxyz(edited). "There is a severe disconnect between the class work and what are the real issues around infrastructure projects. It took me many years to develop a holistic view of my work."

Yeah, so IITs are bad. So there should be reservations to improve the quality. Tell me how, how on earth, will implementing reservations there solve the above problem.

"There actually is. Seats in Parliament and legislative assemblies are reserved for scheduled castes and tribes all over India."

Is it 50% (or as in ridiculous cases like TN, 70%)

Funnier and funnier...

Reminds me of the lines from Alice in Wonderland. Something to this effect - Alice asks which road to take. The MadHatter asks "Where do you want to go". Alice says "Anywhere" (or "I dont know"). Then MadHatter says "Then it doesnt matter which road you take".


Blogger barbarindian said...

Almost everyone is an economist these days.

Economics or Science?

Similarly, medical researchers from an Adivasi background might be able to share the medicinal traditions of their tribes in a medical college, debunking the myth that treatment always comes in a pricey little pill.

Thanks but no thanks. I would rather take my bitter pill.

I think these people are living in some sort of an alternate reality. I will be surprised if he gets his Ph.D. He clearly does not understand the concept of taxation and has no idea about how markets work. The article is a confusing mishmash of styles. I am sure he will cry foul if his university chose a native American instead of him. See, native Indians beat Adivasis in terms of voodoo and all that stuff by miles.

You would expect NRIs to return to India with real knowledge about how the advanced economies really came into being. Instead we have either folks like Abinandanan and D'Souza coming back with rabid communist beliefs or substance hazed spiritual voodooists like Tarun Jain.

May 27, 2006 6:19 PM  
Blogger In The Shadows said...

LOL.. nice one.

May 29, 2006 4:18 AM  

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