Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bloggers Block

Is there anything like a bloggers block. Like there is something called programmers block.

Programmers block -

You have got the programmers block when you are stuck somewhere in code and dont know what to do. You may in fact be knowing what to do, and how to do it, but you are never sure of it. Sometimes, you dont get new ideas to write code.

Or mostly, you have ideas, but you do not know if it is the correct thing to do here. The reasons may be lack of concentration, fear of the unknown, or even the thought that if you wait, you might figure out something better. It seems to you that you have run out of innovation.

You always wonder - what I am doing is right or not. What if it bombs. Should I proceed in this way. I hope it doesnt create trouble later.

So bloggers block would be like - nothing to write about, no event to comment on, running out of ideas or words. Something like that. I sometimes feel that way. When something strikes me and I feel I should post about it here, I try to remember it but I forget eventually. Sometimes I just write out it out roughly on notepad and save the text file. And forget where I kept the text file.

Oh by the way, I feel that I am crushed by both blocks now.


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