Friday, March 24, 2006

guns and bananas

Once while returning home in Mumbai at very late night (or very early morning, whatever you like) at around 5 am, as I got down from the train and walked to a deserted footbridge, I saw a drunken nut sleeping near the ticket counter.

I passed him by. I noticed that he had something in his hand over his chest. It was a pistol! Hey, this is Mumbai, not Bihar or UP. (Yeah, once I had been to Lucknow for a friends wedding, and I saw gareeb people riding bicycles with guns slung over their shoulders. There were people carrying guns even at the reception in some lawn). Now what, the police missed him I suppose. Or let him be. As I was walking to the exit, I was thinking - Hey what if I hide his pistol. Or I replace his pistol with a banana. - Imagine his surprise when he wakes up with a banana in his hand. Or with a toy pistol which makes a beeping sound when you press the trigger, with red flashing lights. Or a water pistol.

Then I thought, if he wakes up, he will pump all the bullets into me.

Anyway, I have worked at odd hours but have been lucky to not meet with any robber late into the nights. The employer should be providing transport if they make employees work at odd hours. They paid me Rs. 350 extra per night, but what about security. Ok here, take your money, and go home. See you tomorrow if you are ok. I left that company later on though. Many a times, I slept in office (since there was no boss watching at late nights), and woke up at 7-8 am and then left office. There is enough crowd that time, so its safer.

I wonder how nice beautiful humans called girls work late night in call centers. Well, the employers provide them transport so its OK. Software company guys arent so lucky :-(

Strange thoughts cross the mind at late nights.. I am off to sleep now.

Listening - Metallica - Wherever I may roam


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