Thursday, March 23, 2006

blog management blues...

Listening : Creed - One last breath

Ahh, sometimes I feel embarrassed of being a software engineer (blushes...), I dont actually know how this blog thing works. What is atom (no, not the physics one, the blog one), and what basically is an RSS feed. I have been too lazy to search the Net for this. I should be knowing how to manage my blog, and use advanced features. Most of my reading is on programming and software engineering rather than this new emerging web technology. I wonder if it is just an application with a hyped-up buzzword, or its something radically different.

I am bad at HTML_ / javascript / CSS_. Not really bad, but just that I have limited knowledge. Extra frills is something that I cannot do, like embedding images etc. Its simple actually, but I dont feel like playing with HTML. And javascript is worse. You never know how it will behave. Javascript does not have flow that a proper programming language like C or Java have. And it does seem a bit unintuitive at times in terms of syntax. The representation of window elements seems a bit clumsy as compared to what VC and Java Swing do. Most clumsy are the error messages. Its not easy to debug either. CSS_ is something I hardly know.

I try various options, search the Net, try out before previewing/publishing. And lot of things dont look like what I intend them to be, and I have to revert my changes. I tried to add a blogroll through a third party system. It made the loading slow, and I noticed that it waited for the contents of the blogroll to be fetched from a third site. I removed it and added anchors manually. Well, I think I will let it be as it is till I learn some more advanced HTML_ and javascript. Dont know when will that be :)


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