Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Also , another memorable fourteenth of February.

One of the Valentines Day that we were in college, me and two of my friends decided to go out and check out the chicks, since we were doing nothing that day. We walked down the road at a happening place (well, sort of) in town a few times. All we saw were couples wearing various shades of pinks and reds. Hardly any single gals. Whew lot of competition these days. For numbers on the piece of paper that decides your future (ie marksheet), competition in careers and competition for gals.

Voila!!! four single gals sitting on the staircase of a shopping mall. I dont know what took me over, but while we were walking past them, i just walked away from my friends, and approached the girls. "Excuse me, can you please tell me where is {anything}, I think its somewhere around here".
One of the girls said "Go right at the next chowk".
Then another "No I think you should turn left".
Another one "Turn right at the alternate chowk".

By that time, my friends had come near me. I said "Ok, thanks. I will find out.". I paused, and then introduced myself. "By the way I am Satish, and my friends Keith, and Vivek". The girls smiled and one of them introduced themselves. They were fellow engg students like us. Not really hot babes, but not bad either. They offered us to sit. Vivek smiled slyly at me. He was the smart one amongst us. We talked about things in general for a while.

Then one of the girls said "So you wanted to go to that place". I said "Yes, but we will go later. " The reply : "So you wanted to talk to us. You knew where it is". After she knows that we have been here for quite some time, she also knew that we had to know the important landmarks. I replied, "Yes , we wanted to. ". She replied, "Nice trick". I replied , both of us now laughing : "Yeah, but it always works". The only time I felt like running away, was when one of the girls said she was in final year of law.! I started thinking if I did anything illegal.

We kept in touch for a while via email, but later lost contact. We had our share of good clean fun, and both the groups were saved from boredom. A plain day turned out to be quite exciting.


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