Friday, March 24, 2006

Gareeb railway budget

I might be late in posting this (but most of my posts are late anyway, many of them are old memories).

Reading the Laloo Yadavs railway budget article in the papers, I noticed the names of the new trains he has introduced. Almost 40 pc of the trains have names with "Gareeb" in them.

There are three (or four) "gareeb raths". AC trains for the poor, with 25% lower rates than normal AC rates. Hey, if they are poor, they cannot even afford 2nd class travel and so they travel in unreserved 3rd class. Is the bhaisanwa wala stupid. Please somebody make him the Gai-Bhaisanwa minister. Or Maveshi minister.

Then there are Shramik express , and a few Gareeb Nawaz express trains ( the latter are for gathering more so-called minority votes.. ****** minority appeaser).

Itna gareeb budget.. Seems like railways is run by poor people. Mujhe pata nahi tha Bharat des mein itni gareebi hai. Truly, Laloowa has opened my eyes to the reality of my country. How nice of him to remind the people. Good he isnt like Gandhi who wore a loin cloth to remind us of that. Cannot imagine Laloo in only a dhoti. A tond and grey unironed hair sticking out of his ears.. hehe.

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