Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reservations for me please...

Ok, so Arjun Toxic Singh is back to the old Mandal/reservation game. Just when we thought that things were beginning to stabilize after Weepy Singhs reservation vote-bank games, this Toxification Factory comes up and extends it further to IITs and IIMs. He also talks of reservations in the private industry and autonomous educational institutions, while at the same time, keeping the minority institutions out of it. Well, the accusations of minority appeasement are definitely true, they have had a long history of such activities.

What I propose instead of upto 70% reservations (inspite of the SCs order that reservations should not exceed 50%) in some states, we should have reservations for general category now. Let there be 25 or 30% reservations for non-quota instead. So that the people who are non-quota now get quota, and the general category cannot opt for 70%. Seems more logical now. Like disk quotas on Linux/Unix systems for different users, quotas are *generally* understood to be a part of the whole thing, and the part does not generally exceed 50%. Each user of the system uses a slice of the pie, which is reserved for him/her. If there are two users, if one user has 70% disk quota , the other user automatically has 30% quota.

But alas, things in Indian government do not work the same as computers. This is the worst part of reservations. An quota candidate is eligible for both quota seats as well as non-quota seats. A quota candidate can also "encroach" upon a general category seat, while a general category candidate cannot enter the quota field, even if there is space empty for him. So we have examples of people having scored 2 out of 900 in a medical entrance examination getting a medical seat.

Another scary incident that I am reminded of. A distant cousin of mine is in a medical college in Delhi (dont know which one, have met him only once till date and dont even recall his name) told me this. He was in his third year of medicine. In the lab, the professor was asking students to point out various organs on a body on a stretcher. He asked a SC girl student "Show me where is the heart"? The girl pointed out to the kidney. Whooaa.. a third year medical student does not even know where the heart is. I suppose even a high school student could have pointed that out in her place, using some logic and sense. And my cousin noted - she pointed to the right kidney. ROFL... :))

The scary part is that someone might die because of such things. The girl , in case she graduates, goes on and operates on the patients "heart", its going to be the end of all diseases for the poor patient. Another scenario, say you are alone at home, feeling unwell and need to visit a doctor. Since you will go by yourself and to prevent much travel, you would opt for the nearest doc. What if that doc is a quota student like that girl who mistook the kidney for the heart. Will you trust your health with such a doc.

Just hope you never have to drive over a bridge built by a quota category "sarkaari injeeneer".


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