Monday, May 15, 2006

Shayan not the only guilty person

Jessica Lall case has got quite a lot of limelight (thanks to NDTV, Aajtak, etc), and lot of public attention, a whole lot of SMS votes (including mine - Yes in favour of petition to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for retrial of the case. I wonder if Manu sharma and his band of Yo! friends were busy sending away SMSes that made up the single digit percentage of votes for No).

I am digressing. This is about Shayan Munshi. Take a look here -

Poor chap. I dont really blame him. First of all, he paid too high an amount in fees to Mr. Ponytail (Shayan is an IIPM Delhi passout). You might have seen him on TV pleading to leave him alone. But then, consider the situation. A murder that was witnessed by over a hundred people, incl big names from page 3. No one comes forward except Shayan. He agrees to be a witness.

Maar diya pairon pe kulhadi , kyon Shayan beta. Ab bhugto iska fal.

Now that guy cannot leave the country. He cannot go abroad for international contracts, unlike many other models. He has to appear in court in Delhi anytime the case comes up for hearing, and fly from wherever he is to Delhi. And for years. His international career suffers (whether he is good enough or not for that is another matter), now even his career in India suffers. He is asked to repeat the same thing over and over again in court, about an event that took place about 6 years ago (my estimate. It might be longer but I am too lazy to check). Ok, now frankly speaking, I cannot "EXACTLY" recall events that took place two years ago, forget about 6 years. The stress involved takes its toll.

Now, he has parents. Shayan, his girlfriend and his parents might have been under lot of pressure. Still he carried on in the case for quite some time, and ultimately buckled under pressure. Give the guy some credit. He alone is not entirely to blame. I hate sarkaari types, and maybe I would have also given up after banging my head with them for so long.

Shayan may be guilty in some measure, but not entirely. There are others, eg. the police officer who replaced the cartridges. Arent the forums and blogosphere being too harsh on him.


Blogger aquarian said...

shameless shayan. Spineless character, he should have taken inspiritation from Peity Zenta. I for one will not buy anything this coward models for or watch a single film he is onvolved in. I request everyone who reads this to do the same.

May 17, 2006 6:13 AM  
Blogger DarkStorm said...

Well, he is to blame, true. Accepted.

Where are the other hundred people who witnessed the murder.

aquarian, he was the only one who took inspiration from Preity zinta and agreed to be a witness in court. I am not a Shayan supporter or anything - it just occurred to me that he in fact did what you wanted him to do.

But then, the Indian legal system. How much will shayans words hold when the cartridges were replaced. And there were other witnesses who feigned ignorance. Anyway, he could have held his ground.

May 17, 2006 7:32 AM  

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