Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hit me, baby, one more time

Welcome to the parlour, said the spider to the fly. I am getting hits to my little space in the great World Wide Web, from my group of friends only. If I tell more friends about this blog, I will have to be careful about what I put in here, which is not what I intended this to be. (Crazy world - I might be willing to let total strangers read my blog rather than many of my friends).

Now how to get total strangers to visit here. Hmm, blog on more topics so that google blogsearch returns you in the search results. Ok, one - wider range of topics. Constraints here would be my limited interests. I am not much interested in why Jayalalitha lost in TN or why Laloo lost in Bihar. Nor am I interested in paintings and secular-liberal modern writings. I dont read much either, I am selective here.

Ok, write about Pamela Anderson or Britney Spears or our very own desi Aishwarya Rai. Sure to get lot of hits.

Or , should I make my blog resemble this -

Written by an anonymous journo from Delhi. I wonder if gals like this actually exist. I did read a few of her archives. It reads like a non-stop page 3 party. (Yeah, the author of that blog is tired of being told that, as she says). I wonder if all that is fiction, and the author of the blog is practicing her skills at writing a chick-lit novel. It makes an interesting read. To be frank, it gave me a different view on many things. And of course, what drinks to try out :-). And also, forget what the girlie mags say, girls look for handsome guys with muscles, not the "understanding, sense of humour, intelligent" types.

But why is it hard to believe her. I am yet to meet a girl who is attracted to guys because of their deos or colognes. (I would have had tens of girlfriends by now, in that case). Its difficult to believe that a girl can so easily be taken in by guys promises, again and again (Or that she knows, but wants to enjoy). Still at the same time, she seems to have loads of expectations from her men. Wishing her good luck.

Warning to guys: Dont, yeah, dont use what she writes to understand girls better. You would be in for a bad time.


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