Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stupid arguments for reservations - 4

This is one funny site that I have found on reservations nautanki - While youth for equality ( use their blog for public announcements, this one makes good fun of the usual reservation goondas.

There is one thing which needs to be noted. There are many quota students who themselves admit that quotas should be scrapped. Of course, the ones who dont might probably be insecure.
Now its funny to see how the self-styled liberals put forward their arguments on reservation.

Flawed Argument - The forward castes have persecuted the backward castes for a long time. So to make up for the discrimination, we should have reservations.

By the same logic, we (all of us, whether backward or forward) have been persecuted by Muslims. They have destroyed 3000 temples all over India, while they still are obsessed with a mosque built after demolishing our holiest shrine. Should not we be doing the same then?

There are many upper caste people, who just live an ordinary life. I have a Thakur sw engr friend from UP. Now contrary to the image in your mind, he does NOT have any palatial bungalow, a few lathi-wielding (or 303 rifle) beefcakes, a few cars and servants milling all over his home. He is pretty much a middle class guy, with a small home, whose family still has a scooter and recently he bought a bike on a loan.

Now, its taken that *all* upper castes have persecuted the backwards, going around with "chaabuk" in their hands and lashing the backwards. What about people whose communities have no history of caste-based discrimination (like mine). Though we come under forwards, we were primarily a trading and farming community, and have no history of backward caste oppression. Why should we suffer for somebody elses actions. So much for liberalism and justice.
Why should the ones who dont think that caste matters and dont go around torturing lower castes, suffer for this.

My POINT - Why do we have to suffer for the sins of *somebody* else’s ancestors.
Does the Indian law punish the son of a thief instead of the thief himself?

Ok. I agree that lower castes need to be uplifted, and that social equality is still to be achieved. But reservations are not the way. Period.

Flawed Argument - Merit is a Farce. Its a test of memorizing skills.

Yeah, if I tell you to add 454356 and 978535 , do you use your memory to do so. Or I show you 4 pictures and ask you to point the odd one out, I am testing your memory skills.. is it??

I dont find the JEE or CAT to be a test of memorizing skills. And I think having a good memory is important to be a doctor or engineer. What if you forget about which chemicals work in what condition. Or how to calculate load when designing a road or bridge. Or how to synchronize data access or ensure data integrity when writing a program.

Ok, I agree for a while, merit is not the real test. Then what is ?? There is always a method to judge a candidate, and thats how merit comes into being. If I apply for engineering, my merit lies in math and science skills. If I apply for joining the boxing team, my merit is strong biceps and shoulders, not my math and physics skills (or my caste). Even here merit applies. If someone wants to join movie industry, good directorial skills, or good acting and looks are important, not intelligence (Pretty evident in Hindi film industry). Here merit applies too. If you want to join the cricket team, you need to be a good keeper/fielder, batsman or bowler, you dont need great looks for that. Thats merit here.

Ok, if merit is not the real thing, then how do you decide admissions.. Lucky draw ?? All in all, while it has some flaws, merit is the best option we have for now. Ok, I make a comparison with US here. (There should be something equivalent to Godwins laws here). They decide admissions on merit, not reservations. What are GRE and GMAT otherwise. (yeah ok ok, i hear you, but affirmative action is a lot different from quota raj).

Flawed Argument - IIT is not a bigshot institution.

Ok, I wonder if I should argue on this. Forget it.. its too trivial and childish an argument to even further think upon.

Flawed Argument - See matrimonial advertizements, how caste decides arranged marriages.

Its an arranged marriage. Ok, there is no love involved here to start with. So what does a person normally look for in an arranged marriage. Better compatibility is one thing. You would prefer that your spouse adjusts better with you. While some castes might be rigid about it, I would just prefer that for my wellbeing.

What is wrong if I prefer to marry someone from my community (without hating any other caste or community), and one who speaks my language. If I do like someone from any community other than mine, then those differences dont matter. My parents are ok with the idea of me marrying someone outside our caste/community/language. But if arranged marriage is the way for me, why would I not prefer someone who speaks my language and adjusts easier to my way of living. Ok ok…. failed marriages (love or arranged) are another debate.

By the way, a wonderful article, bang on target -


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