Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dhoni ka Darr

Now this is what I call a batsman. Inspires total fear into the opponents. I cannot imagine Brian Lara being so afraid of a batsman that he stops play, asks the batsman to leave, snatches the ball from the umpire. More than anything else, its that fear that he had put into Lara and his team's hearts. Amazing. The realization that this guy on the crease can blast them apart if he stays any further, and so get him out at all costs. Maybe histrionics and lies can be put to use.

Nobody else could have done it. Neither Tendulkar, Sehwag, nor Dravid and Ganguly ever inspired such kind of fear. You can call it "dehshat" or "khauf". I wonder if Brian Lara would have been so indignant on the batsman being given out if it were someone else in place of Dhoni. Brian Lara behaved like a one of those bunch of kids playing cricket in galli. And no action has been taken by ICC. Now, if this isnt bias, what is? Players from Indian Subcontinent are much more strictly fined for offences much less than this. Remember ICC fining Ganguly for "appealing" .. haha.. Laughable. I think India should now play with disdain against these West Indies kids.


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