Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dumb aamir khan is a minority

See this link. Now aamir khan starts playing the minority card.

Also, its in the TOI (Toiletpaper of India) today. Dumb aamir khan saying - "I don’t think of myself as a Hindu or a Muslim, a Sikh or a Christian. I’m an Indian. And it is for the people of India to decide what is right or wrong." Link here -

Ok, I respect his sentiment to support the Narmada dam oustees. But why play the minority card. What is with the minorities. Are they above the law?? How easy for criminals like Salman, Azhar and now Aamir khan to say "Hey you are doing this because I am a minority" .. ha ha ha. It feels like its a crime to be a general category majority community member in India.

First of all, I have written about the advantages of the dam earlier. All the four states stand to gain from it. Now aamir khan is a person who himself lives at a place in Mumbai, which was cleared of thousands of poor fisherfolk and reclaimed from the sea. Has he ever heard that people living in glass houses should not throw stones at others :-).

Rehab does not take place overnight. Think before you speak, dumbo aamir. You say you are not against increasing the dam height. But why then did you talk about rehab with Medha patkar and arundhati roy (both of them are against increasing dam height). You should have made that statement somewhere else, not in their company. Both medha and arundhati are irritating; and compulsive protestors. Medha is also anti-slum demolition(doesnt matter they block roads and rails, spread crime, usurp someone elses land). Arundhati,... forget it, she is anti-India. Its your fault, aamir, and now you blame others for misunderstanding you .. ha ha ha. LOL.

Typical dumb Bollywood actor, arent you , aamir khan. Now understand this, its not about minorities, its about the dam. No one is opposing you because you are a muslim (Did anyone ever stop your movies from being screened earlier. Earlier, you were still a muslim, werent you). Its because you are talking crap, and publicly humiliating the people of Gujarat. Dekho aap logon ne kisko vote diya hai, didnt you say that on TV. Did *all* people of Gujarat vote for Modi. I didnt. By the way, aamir khan, do you vote ?!! I dont think so. Even if you do, it does not give you the right to abuse people on their opinions, just like you dont like it.

Well aamir khan, you just redefined dumbness. This joke will now go this way.
Q: What is the height of dumbness.
A: aamir khan

I guess he should now stop making stupid statements and stop crying minority, if he thinks he is sensible and (unlike salman, azhar, etc) wants to be taken seriously.

Update -

The cinema owners themselves dont want to screen the movie, ban or no ban. Now has the greatest torchbearer of democracy, aamir khan, heard about freedom. Also, on the same link, even the Congress is opposed to the screening of the dumb actors movies. I suppose now even Congress is communal, is it.


Blogger barbarindian said...

I think Aamir Khan is trying to be the desi Angelina Jolie. It is not a totally wrong approach, eventually the market patterns of emerging nations follow the American/Western paths. In America, it is mandatory for movie stars to show concern for the environment etc. Usually they will adopt a chinese baby, make a trip to Africa and go on hunger strike against oil consumption etc.

The only problem is Aamir Khan is doing all this about three decades too soon (assuming we ever get a sizable middle class population which we doubt given the increasingly loony fascist stand of our government).

May 27, 2006 8:38 PM  
Blogger Mukund said...

useful stuff.

Can I borrow it.

Amir Khaan doing all this only becuz of Publicity

May 31, 2006 7:54 AM  
Blogger In The Shadows said...

BarbarIndian, maybe aamir khan has a cause, but he does not know things completely. The engineering impacts and issues of the dam(the turbine efficiency will be highly reduced compared to the plan, if height is reduced), the time it has taken to build(definitely over 30 years, thanks to stupid protests), the severe water problem all over north Maharashtra and north Gujarat.

He should have been more balanced, whether he is thirty years too early or not. By lending his voice to rabid commies like Medha and Arundhati, he has eroded his credibility. (Medha is anti slum demolition too, and Arundhati is anti-India anyway)

Just like he makes baseless charges about being targeted because he is a minority, I now will take the liberty to do the same. Why is he not speaking about a bigger problem called quotas. I suppose he is anti-Gujaratis because they voted Modi.. is it? If he wants to abuse Modi, go ahead, nobody would care. But why abuse the people of a state. Naturally, they are angered and will pull down his posters and films.

Anyway, your blog on reservations is too good. :)

Mukund, you mean you want link to this?? Yes sure, you can.

June 01, 2006 3:06 AM  
Blogger Manimala said...

I actually think Aamir Khan is pretty cool and nice role model, especially when he mentioned that we're all just Indians regardless of our religious views. Yes, perhaps he's in it for publicity and such, but isn't it great that the spotlight was directed against this dam? I mean, for anythin there are benefits, but there are also costs. And perhaps the costs of the dam outweigh the benefits like Aamir Khan says. Indeed, it seems the Gujaratis are being irrational in this debate. Also, don't attack Aamir Khan when you should be attacking only his position in the debate; that's an ad hominem fallacy, so avoid it to at least make your position seem appealing.

August 19, 2006 3:49 PM  

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