Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The poor Yoga teacher

14 year old kid dies at Swami Ramdev's Yoga camp

Guess they will make it out to be another reason why the good Swami should be arrested.

Like they say, it should be the responsibility of the person to get himself checked up by a doc, before attempting yoga.

I doubt if the police will arrest a gym owner if someone dies exercising at the gym.

I dont know whether he is good or bad, but for sure, his morning TV health tips have helped me a lot.


Anonymous jyothsnay said...

poor boy, I feel sad for him! may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace!

am ashamed of repeating that "gentle soul resting in ..." too often these days...why so many people are dying Shadows? war, crime,sexual assault..why why...
now let me be irreverent....what kind of Yoga did they teach the poor boy that took his slender life? damn...
umm, what's this chinese bowl of soup..huh!Jyo

January 03, 2007 9:47 PM  
Blogger In The Shadows said...


soup for the soul :)

Ok, if I write it in full, it carries over to the other line... and so.. i shortened it.

January 03, 2007 11:50 PM  
Blogger In The Shadows said...


It is not the fault of the yoga teacher that the boy died. He should have gone to the hospital.

Lets say, I have a broken leg. Still I go to the gym and exercise. I get hospitalized due to the exertion. Is it any fault of the gym owner. If he had seen me, probably he would have stopped me

Note that Swami Ramdev is NOT running a hospital out there.. His camps are as good as public addresses/meetings. He focusses on prevention, not cure. He focusses on general well-being. He isnt a doctor. If you go to him expecting treatment, you would be very wrong. And if something goes wrong, its not at all the Swami's fault. Swami would be at fault if he had been negligent. But he probably did not even know that the boy was ill or even talked to him.

Say, you cannot blame a neta if someone dies due to hours in the sun in a public rally.

January 03, 2007 11:58 PM  

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