Monday, October 08, 2007

Book tag

I have been tagged by Jyothsna (
Here goes
1. Total number of books owned : Maybe around 40.  Most of them on math or computers or engineering. Well, a few from other categories are also present :-) . Most of them would be in good condition. I hate dog-earing the pages, making marks with pen, folding the covers, etc. I absolutely avoid those yellow highlighters. Its mostly a pencil to make any marks in the books.
2. Last book bought : Thinking in Java, 4th Edition.
3. Five books that mean a lot to you : Can't say, really. Archer happens to be one of my fav fiction authors.
I am not just too much of a bookie anyway. Many a times, I may pick up a book and then leave it halfway due to lack of time, or interest. Or I pick up some other book. I started with Tom Friedman's The World is Flat, but then someone took it, and I dont know where it is !


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