Monday, October 08, 2007


Try No Quarter by Led Zeppelin. The version from the live album "The Song remains the Same". Much improvizations on the original, including an extended piano piece by Jones. One of the best piano works in classic Rock. 
The whole track sounds so much "undistorted", both the studio and live versions. The guitar sounds raw, not modified by the electronics, its much purer art.
The lyrics seem to describe Scandinavian warriors who ask for no quarter and they get no quarter. (No, its not about a quarter of whisky, its this -  )
The lyrics dont seem to have any particular or direct meaning, as is the case with many rock songs, which leave a lot to the imagination of the listener. That is also what makes it much better than ghazal lyrics (which often degenerate into fan wars over the meaning of the lyrics). Commonly, you will carry a certain snob value if you can remember lyrics of ghazals, it makes you seem some kind of connoisseur (mostly, it turns out to be a false perception).


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