Thursday, October 04, 2007

NGOs against Retail

Just who is this Vandana Shiva ? And why is blatantly lying ?  Why dont people think for a moment before they blurt ?

Some excerpts from the interview -

Why is the movement against big retail almost like a movement against Reliance? Why do you spare the Big Bazaars, Spencer's or Subhikshas?

You can't equate a chain like Spencer's, with five shops in the whole country, with Reliance, which can open 5,000 outlets in a single city.


Me - Spencers is owned by the RP Goenka group, a big industrial house. They have more than 5 shops in Mumbai alone(, forget the whole country. Apart from Spencers, they run Cellucom and Music World chain of stores. Hey, they are killing the smaller mobile phone and music CD retailers.. help.. help.. (The truth is that I have found better deals with smaller phone sellers than with Cellucom, and they will do better business than big retailers like Cellucom who wont give discounts)

Reliance can open 5000 outlets in a single city, but would that make sense in smaller cities like Dehradun ? Or even in Mumbai ? Reliance would not do that, even if it were run by a 10th pass with some common sense.


Doesn't Navdanya sell its products through some of these big stores?

Never. Wal-Mart had offered to stock our products, I had a request from Reliance too. But I refused. We are the biggest network of organic farmers and people sell through our five outlets.


Me - Well, they could have brought organic farming (whatever it is, it sounds environmentally good) to the masses if they had allowed the big chains to market their stuff. Good for the farmers too...


"Can you believe that the Reliance Fresh store in Dehradun has not dared to remove its covers?" she said.


Me - Yeah, we are proud of you, Madame.


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