Thursday, August 23, 2007


Thats it. Its official stupidity now. Bangalore is now going to be called Bengaluru. A meaningless change of name, just like Bombay was renamed Mumbai and Madras was renamed Chennai and Calcutta was renamed Kolkata. I still refer to Mumbai as Bombay, and will continue to refer Bengaluru as Bangalore.

Many countries have local names for cities and the countries themselves. Eg. Japan is how Nippon is known in English, Spain is the English equivalent of Espana or Espanol, Germany for Deutscheland or Deutsche, and yes, India for Bharata or Bharatvarsha etc.

While our politicians are at it, why are they not changing the names of other cities like Ahmedabad or Allahabad, inspite of popular public opinion ? What about renaming Aurangabad? Its also a symbol of Aurangzeb's tyranny/imperialism. Or Daulatabad? Pseudo-secularism, is it ??

While opinion has been divided on renaming Bangalore, most residents are in favour of renaming Ahmedabad to Karnavati. Just as the British colonizers named Bengaluru as Bangalore, the muslim invaders renamed Karnavati as Ahmedabad. What difference?


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