Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Archaeological Survey of India ? Scientific ?

Scientific as in the science of archaeology or the science (art rather) of ar*e licking?
C Dorjee, director (monuments), ASI, stated in the affidavit: "The ASI is a science and technology department. The issue has to be approached and examined in a scientific manner. While due deference may be given to the feelings of the petitioners, the issue cannot be viewed solely relying on the contents of a mythological text."
I say there is no proof of the existence of Prophet Mohamed and Jesus and Allah or any other God or his prophet.
1. We know how much ASI is a department of science and technology. We do know about the Siddhpur cover-up and the Taj Mahal cover-up.
2. There is scientific and historical proof that Babar destroyed the Ram temple at Ayodhya and built the Babri masjid on the ruins. What about the scientific manner of ASI now?
3. Stop calling it mythology or mythological.
4. The koran and the Bible are a lot more mythological than Ramayana. While other countries have objectively gone and dug up in most corners of the earth to establish the truth and lies about Jesus (I give credit here, this is not possible with islam. If islam says something, there is no proof needed, accept it or else we bomb, rape and kill), the "scientific" ASI has instead abandoned the Saraswati civilization remains, indulged in half truths, full lies and cover-ups. Have they ever sincerely investigated Dwarka and Kurukshetra.
5. Since there is no proof of Allah and prophet Mohamed, lets demolish the Babri Masjid.
6. Prophet Mohamed was a pig eater, and the hair in Hazratbal is actually a donkey hair. Does ASI have any proof that he wasnt ??


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