Friday, August 11, 2006

In the elevator

Friday evening and at my office. I take the elevators to go out for a breather and a cup of tea. As I step into the elevator, a guy (a dumb colleague) was already holding the elevator open switch pressed. I got in and pressed the close button. He said " Wait" and asked the girl on the attendance register to come in quick.

I had not noticed that he was waiting for someone. I said "ohh sorry, I thought you were pressing the wrong button, tera dhyan kahin aur hai". He smiled (not a happy one) back, "What do you mean, kahan hai mera dhyan", and glanced at the girl (another dumb colleague and his friend or girlfriend or 1-nite-stand, who cares), who was now facing the elevator door, and then back at me with a stare. Now now.. I dont have such a bad image after all. Though I could have ignored him, or said worse, I didnt do that (No he could not have got into a fistfight with me, he has some brains left, he is almost a foot shorter, and much thinner). To defuse the tension, I said, "No, mere saath bhi hota hai. Many a times, I press the button for the floor that I am already on, when my mind is occupied elsewhere. So I thought you too... "

Conclusion - If words can have multiple meanings, your mind will pick up the one which it believes in. Or very much wants to believe in.

I also realize, that applies to me too. Common human nature. But I do have to turn back and take a look again. The first few times its coincidence, then its a conspiracy theory. Finally, your mind has to believe what it does not want to believe in.


Blogger n said...

happens so many times, people take offense for what wasn't meant. Maybe, we recognise eachoes of wht we are accusing ourselves of, anyway.

August 17, 2006 8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the way you introduced thsoe dumb colleagues at work place to the audience

I feel, mind picks up the most convenient/heart friendly meaning for self and the most inconvenient/angst causing meaning for the victim in the situation..while the other person indulges in similar the tenson begins, how it is softened depends on how tactical you are....
nice n lilting slice of life happens! n lift is the one place I find it all-inclusive


September 18, 2006 3:02 AM  

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