Friday, December 28, 2007


Ok, so the ex-PM of Pakistan, who encouraged terrorism in Kashmir and Afghanistan, has been assassinated by the monster she herself created?  She has been consumed by what she has sown.  Not that I am happy, but I aint sad either.   It just does not affect me, I am more worried about jumping jobs right now (1).  Anyway, she was responsible for the deaths of thousands of my countrypeople.  The Indian media, as usual, will stupidly weep buckets of tears, Manmohan and Sonia will lose sleep, etc.
Watching the news, our spineless Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, says - We have lost a friend.  Friend ??
(1) - I had a verbal tiff with my manager, and he made life difficult for me. So now, I have some offers in hand and I have resigned.  Some of the offers are good, but frankly, they are way too far from my home.  Really, Pune is beginning to suck bigtime. No infrastructure, taxes are almost as high as Mumbai, travelling is a big pain.  I want to go back to Gujarat, where most of my family lives, and where I did my schooling.  There is hardly any IT industry in Gujarat.  The ones who started operations there, have mostly left.  A big factor is prohibition.  Modi is doing great work for the development of Gujarat, but sadly, he has skipped IT industry.  He did mention lifting the ban on alcoholic drinks in SEZs, but of course, the pseudo-secular , pseudo-liberal Congressis think that its bad to do so in the home state of a certain Mr. MK Gandhi...
- Why do companies have to set up offices way outside the city in places like Magarpatta?  Well, even that is ok, but whats the point if there are no decent roads to reach there.  Whats the point if it takes someone about an hour risking run over by drunken truck drivers to reach the ugly place, and too tired to start working for atleast half an hour.
- Magarpatta complex in Pune might be good inside. But there are no decent approach roads, and it has ugly, dusty, noisy and polluted surroundings. I wonder why companies even go there?? Ok, lower property prices, but then you get what you pay for...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles in Pune. Is one of the companies you are looking into situated in Magarpatta?

December 31, 2007 2:48 AM  
Blogger In The Shadows said...

Hi Atanu,

Yes .

I attended two interviews at Magarpatta. I am seriously considering joining either of them because of the time and effort it takes to reach there from the city ...

I wonder why companies give the very wonderful software park in Hinjewadi a miss.. It is also far, but it hardly takes time to drive 20 kms to reach there... it has some good wide roads and flyovers.

Possibly Magarpatta sells real estate for less.. It has to, because it possibly offsets the bad infrastructure around it. I recall flats selling in Magarpatta were real cheap compared to other areas of Pune city... because its way out of the city.

January 03, 2008 4:52 AM  
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