Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On Retail

Govt to protect kiranas from retail majors
How ? So now, the government, the all pervasive protector of the aam aadmi, may introduce some "retail tax" on big retailers...
Its funny to see how the socialist brigade calls the small kirana stores as "mom and pop" stores, to give them an image of a hardworking and sweet family that honestly runs a shop just round the corner.... I hardly see any "moms and pops" running these stores, they are run by business people.
As regards kirana shops being affected by big retailers, personally, I see most people continue to visit kirana stores... in fact on unbranded items like ice-trays or naphthalene balls, I find that the big retailers are costlier.  I mostly visit big retail stores for bulk shopping about once a month.  For rest of the month, its the friendly neighbourhood "mom and pop" store.. :)
Also, maybe, for once, the so-called "mom and pop" stores would want to try some things, viz., no underweighing (i think the big retailers do that too), no selling defective or expired goods, faster service, and of course, give discounts on MRP.


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