Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wrong fare calculation by

The Indian travel portal - - seems to be returning wrong fares for Indian Airlines flights.
I searched for flights from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, for November 25, 2007, economy class, one way, one passenger, direct flights only, include low cost operators, night flights included, all airlines.
A section of the search results is shown in the first image.  Note that the page states that the fares are for all passengers and includes all taxes.  Indian Airlines IC 610 costs Rs 2475.  When I click on the fare details, I get the screen as in the second picture. Grand total = Rs 2475 ( fare=895, tax=1575, service tax=5). Good enough. So I click on the select button for IC610 as shown in the picture 1. I get the booking screen as in the third picture.  The fare has now changed to Rs 2895, and tax has been added again ! The total amount now comes to Rs 4487.
I then went back to the search results, and clicked on Option 6 as shown in the first pic.  Spicejet flight SG106.  The total fare is Rs 2629 as per the screenshot.  I check the fare details/breakup, and it seems good.  I click the select button for Spicejet and proceed to the booking screen, as shown in picture 4 now.  The total fare remains unchanged! 
The prices seem to be genuine when compared to other sites, except some flights like in the example above.
I was not expecting such erronous and misguiding results from, given that it is owned by the large travel company - Cox And Kings, AFAIK.  If its a bug in their system, it is a major bug and the site is really bad quality.  I also doubt if it is really a bug, it might be a deliberate tactic to cheat (a person might get cheated even if its not the intention of the website. One may simply go ahead and submit thinking about the prices on the previous search results screen). 
People, avoid till such bugs are fixed. Be very careful while booking here, and reconfirm the prices with other sites like the excellent but slightly-unintuitive and congested and the very simple but very slow and returning less search results . 


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