Monday, October 29, 2007

Holocaust? Is it?

Pogroms , genocides and Holocausts apart, some interesting questions -
Since no 'secularist' or 'liberal' or 'objective' person ever challenged the above sets of figures, some questions arise: Who killed 200-odd Hindus so early in those riots? Was it the police or the Hindus themselves? And what made those 40,000 Hindus rush to relief camps? Was it fear of Hindu mob violence, rape, arson and murder?
Very relevant question. Who killed those 240 Hindus as compared to 750 muslims (no, the number is not 2000 or above which has been repeated ad nauseum)? If its the police, then was it really a state sponsored genocide of muslims? If it was the muslims, then isnt this not a two-sided affair? Is this a genocide then?
Like I had commented on , what I saw in Gujarat was a lot different than what the secular cabal make it out to be. It were the Hindus who were being slaughtered. It was not a one sided genocide or something, it was a riot which was forced upon the Hindus.  When you know you are going to get killed and police/government wont help, then you have to fight back.  This is not the mughal or Gandhi era when Hindus used to let themselves be slaughtered by bloodthirsty muslims.  I know of incidents which never made it to the papers or the media decided to turn a blind eye to it. Like a huge crowd of sword wielding muslims entered a Hindu middle-class locality in Paldi (in Amdavad), stripped themselves naked and asked Hindus to leave their women behind and flee. This before the riots started, probably on the same or next day as Godhra.  A son of a Gujarati textile dealer in Amdavad told me that their shop was fired at by a mob of muslims. Or that on a street in old Amdavad where there are many shops and establishments owned by Sindhis, more than 20 Sindhi Hindus were killed in a day, though they had nothing to do with the riots.
Some amount of understanding and facts are really missing. First of all, there are places in Amdavad which are totally muslim dominated.  You cannot enter those places without fearing for your life if you are a Hindu.  The electricity company and municipal authorities cannot enter those areas to collect dues, they mostly let them steal public utility services.  Earlier these places had substantial Hindu residents.  Then, muslims gradually terrorized their Hindu neighbours to give up their property and flee.  The muslims also started harassing, eloping with and raping Hindu women.  The Hindus naturally had to leave, since police and government would not do anything against the muslim criminals in the name of secularism.  Things became even tougher then for the fewer remaining Hindus who did not have strength in numbers or conviction to kill. Slowly, many areas of Amdavad in Kalupur, Dariapur, Juhapura and Bapunagar became muslim localities.  This ghettoization was completed much before Modi or BJP came to power.
Also, note that the backlash was spontaneous, unlike the preplanned burning of the train in Godhra. Anyone in Modi's place would have faced the same thing.  Anyone other than Modi would have been unable to control the mobs of muslims indulging in arson, and the Hindus trying to protect themselves.  Modi kee kismat kharab that he was the CM of Gujarat that time.  Nobody could have done anything about it, except order the police to fire at the mobs.  And this is what happened ? Many of the rioters had fallen to police bullets !!  Now, who is to blame if there arent enough policemen to control the riots ?? Who is to blame if even the Reserve Police brought in by the central government failed to control the riots? The riots did not subdue until the army came in.
I also suppose nobody saw the banners in muslim localities, which openly called for killings of Hindus, and supported Laden and al-Qaeda.
Whether Modi or anyone else, it would have been uncontrollable, given the gravity of the crime that started it all.  I saw the pictures of the burning train, with charred bodies lying around, smoke still emanating from them. It was enough to make me puke.
Is it a coincidence that Tehelka missed interviewing the terrorists and Congress MLAs and corporators who were involved in the rioting?
As Yossarin points out, Tehelka has cooked up some incorrect conclusions and added it to their news reports.
Here -
Also, BarbarIndian points out that the videos might be doctored, and the strangely silent reaction of the secular Congress.  Some forensic analysis is definitely required here. He also points out lip-sync issues, to the point where audio and video are totally disjointed.
If you want to know what a genocide is, please read more about the Partition and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus. Using strong words for such incidents just makes us immune to the gravity of the words.
For more on what a Holocaust really is - and .  No intention of any disrespect to the suffering of the Jewish people by this comparison, but the fact is that atleast 10 times more Hindus were killed by "secular rulers" like Akbar and others than the number of Jewish people killed during WW2.
Since Encyclopedia Brittanica supports the numbers quoted by Francois, and by default, the western press is always correct as per seculars, then this must be true.


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