Thursday, March 15, 2007

Access Control

I was looking for some new plugins for Google Desktop Search. I clicked on a link with the following URL. It showed me an error which said - "Access control prevents you from viewing this page or something like that". (In essence, my workplace server has blocked me out of that page). But why? See the url below. Damn!!
By the way, Some cool plugins for GDS -
I suggest using Larrys help file indexer here - A pretty useful Google Desktop Search plugin, that lets you search for chm files (the help files that come with many programs). So you can use this instead of searching in the program help (which does not return results so accurately). I tried it and it seems pretty ok.

A plugin to index any text file is also available here.
You may want to add Java, C, CPP, BAS, or any other extension to it - extensions that are not normally indexed by google desktop. Before installing this plugin, just check if GDS indexes that file. If not, then install this plugin.

Also, there is another plugin - mshelp2 plugin, here The mshelp2 is the help file format (hxs) that is used in MSDN and .net SDK documentation. I havent used it, but might be pretty useful.

There is also another plugin for indexing archives. Why do they need that ? As far as I have seen, Google desktop does search into compressed archives.


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