Friday, February 16, 2007

Terror groups raising money via the stock market

Terror groups raising money via the stock market

Is this the reason for the boom in the stock markets?

Well, now the muslim terrorists have started using the Indian stock markets to finance their terror. They would make real good fund managers, if they are so successful in making money out of the Indian stock markets. Then why be terrorists? Of course, as some peaceniks would say, the root cause of terrorism is poverty, etc, and not religious differences. A very lame excuse, as everyone can see.

But then, hey, wait a minute, arent stock exchanges unislamic. Well thats what they say - banks and stock exchanges are unislamic. Ok, you muslim terrorists, ye all are infidels now, hehehe.

Also, I hope the stock market collapses for some time. Wouldnt we want the Paki jehadis to suffer some losses now?

Now, the government must force the transfer of stocks from the fictitious companies registered in the Middle East, to the original owners. That seems to be the only way out. Just simply do it. If someone protests at the loss, then find out the genuineness of his claim. If no one protests (or feebly protests) the transfer, it means the company was fictitious. Yeah, it would mean hassles for the genuine owners of the shares in the Mideast, but then we shouldnt allow financing of jehad operations, shouldnt we?


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