Friday, June 15, 2007

Obama (osama ?) vs Hillary Clinton

Ok, Obama bares his fangs, and reveals that he is not much different from his co-religionist whose name rhymes with his. His worldview does not seem to be much different from the Islamic jehadi types, contrary to his image and claims. After all, what can be expected from someone who is a born muslim, tries to hide his middle name or not refer to it, and went to an Islamic madrassa for schooling.

Obama criticizes Hillary Clinton for her India links. Also he made a slur on Clinton, referring to her as the Democrat from Punjab.


The very nonsensical Obama also shouts about India taking away jobs without any knowledge of facts or reasoning. The below links also show that the share of Indian IT industry in the global IT and software market is much below 6%. Then how come India is taking away so many jobs? Is IT/software the only industry in the world? China has a much larger share in global trade and has taken away a lot more jobs, all over the world, but Obama is ignorant. Why single out India? Is it because he still believes that India is a country of Hindu infidels and must be brought under the Islamic fold or something? Maybe he should remember his own madrassa background before making fun of others.

I sincerely hope that the US does not vote Obama to power, for its own sake. And maybe, the world.

Dear Confused, whats your take on that ? this post - <>. And do you still prefer Obama ?


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